Who We Are?

Meshareeb is the first of its kind in Kuwait to provide all sorts of hot and cold beverages of all types, whether natural or canned, in addition to mineral water, dairy products, soft drinks, and the most famous brands and companies listed in the application, allowing users to browse the product lists easily to place the order and pay online so that the goods are delivered as soon as possible.

Our Mission
In our quest to gain the confidence of the customers and users of in addition to implementing and introducing everything new and distinctive; we promise that our goals will always be: – Never saving any efforts to keep on track of the world’s technological development and work to provide the latest and modern features to our application to make sure that we deliver ease of use, payment security and efficient delivery speed to our customers.

– To provide the most recent and trendy products in the beverage market in general, and ensure variety of different products to be listed in the application to suit all age groups at competitive prices, as well as to develop a reward program to our customers with exclusive discounts from companies listed in the application.

Our Vision

We are working hard to provide all types of beverages to our customers through the best specialized brands. In order to achieve this, we strive to ensure having the highest standards of technical quality for a safe and easy usage of through a highly experienced team in the field of customer service, sales, marketing and quality control.

Why Meshareeb

Focusing mainly and specifically on the beverage market, which is considered one of the first basic consumer goods, thus making it a priority in the marketing, advertising and dissemination process. Variety of choices between fresh and hot drinks, canned beverages and dairy products, in addition to easy access and choice among them with ease, speed and smoothness. Dependence on specific rules and criteria for selecting stores in the application.

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